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This is the easiest of all the outlying churches to reach in the monastery of Nakutolab which is named after its constructor, the nephew and successor of king Lalibela. The monastery accredited to Nakuotolab consists of a relatively simple church built around a shallow cave in which several holy pools are fed by natural springs. .

Asheton Mariam

The high mountain over looking Lalibela. This monastery is also associated with king Nakutolab. In this church there are some interesting crosses and other church treasures but the excursion is just as remarkable for the church setting and the views on the way up. .

Yemrehane Christos

Situated at an altitude of around 2,700 m, it is an old built up church with in a large cave. It is a particularly time example of late Axumite architecture built with alternating layers of wood and granite faced with white gypsum that give is the appearance of a gigantic layered chocolate cream cake. Among many interesting architectural features are the cruciform carved windows, an etched wood panel roof, a coffer ceiling with inlaid hexagons and a large dome over the sanctuary. Yemerehane Christos, the third Zagwe ruler and a predecessor of king Lalibela, recorded ascending to the throne in 1087 AD and ruling for about 40 years. .


One of the most interesting outlying churches is Genete maryam, a large monolith carved into a pink- tinge d out crop near the source of the Tekaza River. Supported by pillars, the church is very different from any excavations in Lalibela in that it is not hidden within a trench, but carved open on a rock hill top, though the cover of scaffolding rather detracts from the impact of seeing in from far. Accourding to tradition, Genete Maryam was excavated during the reign of Yakuno Amlake, the king who restored the Solomonic line in the early 13th century. A notable feature of the interior in the elaborate painting said to date to the 13th century.

Mekina Medhanehalem

Inaccessible by road, is a built –up cave church similar in style to Yemerhanna Kirstos in its characteristically axumite use of layered wood and stone tradition holds that the church dates to the 6th century AD. The decorated interior boasts intricate geometric patterns as well as many old paintings- notably one of rosters fighting next to the sun and the moon above the door. The monastic church lies on a spur of mount Abune Joseph about three hours from Genete Maryam by foot or mule.

Churches near Bilbala

These relatively compact and very varied circuit of churches comprises Yemerhanna Keistos, Arbatu Insesa, Bilbilla Christos and Liliballa Giyorges. These churches all stand with in 10km of the village of Bilbilla some 30km from Lalibela off the road north wards to Sekota and Adewa. To explore all these churches a long this circulates by vehicle takes about 8 hour.

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