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The mountains around Lalibela offer some superb high-altitude hiking and trekking opportunities.only 15km northeast of lalibela, the 4284m mount Abune Yoseph is Ethiopia’s third highest mountain ,after the Simiens and Bale.its upper slopes are protected in a recently-created community conservation area of 70 square kilometres of Afro-Alpine grassland and moorland studded with giant lobelia and heather trees , a simple lodge in thr reserve, built at 4000m provides the highest accomodation in Ethiopia and is also ideally placed for tracking wildlife including the endemic Ethiopian wolf and gelada baboon,an isolated troop of hamadryas baboon , the spectacular lammergeyer and other typical highland birds.Abuna Yosef can be ascened and descended as a two-night standalone trek and keen hikers might want to extend their hike by staying at some of the guesthouses in other remote villages.hikes are best arranged in advance.


This is tentative trekking program to abune yosef,this program can be modified according

to the guests desire, it can be extended to over 7 days or reduced to 3days with different

trekking route but this is the convetional trekking route to abune yosef.

Day1-Drive from lalibela to Genetemariam , which is 32km drive from lalibela,at genetmariam

a stop to see lalibela-style rock-hewen church then trekking to Emekina medhanalem and

Emekina Lideta mariam overnight trekking to tadios amba.

Day2-From Tadios Amba via Telfetit ,over night ber metebekia ,but this will be

tough day .this stop is rewarding ,the landscape is wonderful and the inhbitant

there live in traditional huts, and the vilage is captivating for its authenticity.

Day3-From Tadios Amba, trekking to abune yosef mountain chain ,including to the summit of

the mountain(which is 4280m above sea level),the 3rd highest mountain in ethiopia. overnight their

at abune Josef.

Day4-From Abune yosef via Dekusa-hamusit market to chiraro ber overnight chiropractor.

Day5-Late in the morning ,after breakfast trekking from chirarober walk down to

visit yemerhane kirstos church then drive back to Lalibela

besides the trekking experience and breath-taking landscape,we will have a chance to

see ethiopian red jackle and a flock of gelada baboon.

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